The Re-Design of My Living Room

The Re-Design of a Room in My Own Home….Literally, “50 Shades of Grey!” 

As an interior designer, I get my daily decorating fix by working with clients on their homes. I absolutely love what I do, and love even more that I get to do such different designs for each client. Though, there comes a time when you realize you need to do this for your own home too! I’ve lived in my condo for seven years, so most of the decor was stuff that I chose years ago, when I was first moving in. At the time, I was really into robins egg blue, chocolate brown, and cream & brown zebra print. I loved it so much, that I actually painted a brown and cream “Zebra Wall” in the entrance of my condo. I did it on a study break years ago, when I was spending hours a day studying for my NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer exam. I had been studying for days on end, and needed a creative break, so I just started painting. A few hours later, I had this cool, animal print wall.  I loved it– it was so bold and cool! It stayed like that for years, serving as a backdrop for many photos with friends. Eventually, I tired of the look though….and knew it was time to change things up. So, I begun the process of re-designing my living room.

The first thing I did was figure out the color palate. I decided I didn’t want COLOR— and wanted to do an all neutral room in tones of grey and cream. I like to find that one item that sparks the whole design, and I found that in a cool geometric printed pillow from Z Gallerie. From there, I choose the other fabrics for the sofa pillows, and then even found an amazing wool rug incorporating all the shades of grey from West Elm. (The “Faded Ikat” Rug)


I knew I wanted wallpaper— I use wallpaper at least once in EVERY one of my projects, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity with my own place. I chose an amazing paper from Romo, which resembles almost a “watercolor like” look– in grey tones. I then chose another grey paper from Romo, this one Sparkly and textured, for an accent wall.

I painted the entire room my favorite shade of grey OC-52 Grey Owl, from Benjamin Moore. I LOVE this color, because it’s a soft shade of grey, that is a perfect neutral. Grey paint can be tricky—some too blue in undertone, some too brown, but this one is always perfect!

For the floors, I chose Grey wood. It was not a color I had initially wanted. I was going to use espresso wood floors, but when I saw the grey wood—I couldn’t pass it up! It really makes the whole space blend so perfectly.


The sofa was the only thing I kept from the existing living room, and I didn’t want to re-upholster the whole thing. So, I kept the cream microfiber cushions and just changed all of the back pillows. I used the Z Gallerie printed pillow, and then looked for lots of different textures for the other pillow fabrics. I used a cool leather, some metallic silvers, mongolian fur, beaded pillows, you name it. I continuously add to the collection with every trip to Homegoods! LOL!. It’s never quite done!

I struggled with finding the right art— nothing seemed right. So, I decided I should just make my own. I’ve been an artist all my life, I absolutely love painting. Though, theses days I rarely have time. This was the perfect opportunity to paint again, and make some cool art for my own home. I purchased several 12×12 canvas pieces, and made each one a little different. I embellished them with studs and cool silver chains. I wanted it to look edgy and stylish. I actually took some inspiration from my Nail Artist, Ann, who does similar patterns and designs on my nails!



For the rest of the furniture accent pieces, I chose stuff that was glass and chrome, dark espresso wood, and mirrored. I absolutely love my mirrored desk, and had to use a Philippe Starck “Ghost Chair” to go with it. I added a touch of faux grey fur on the seat, to give it a little more “glam” feel!



Overall, I am so happy with the way the re-designed space came out! Something about the all neutral palate is just calming and soothing. Though, I do love using color in my designs too! Luckily, I also needed to re-do my bedroom….so, I decided that room would have color. Stay tuned!

 Here’s a peek at the bathroom remodel I also recently completed….and the color scheme is…all grey! 😉